Virtual Cards: The Modern Greeting Card

Opening up your email box, you see a message from a beloved family member or friend… it’s a virtual greeting card. Whether the card was sent from your sister for your birthday or from your wife just for fun, you’re a bit curious to learn more about this ecard trend.

Etiquette and Ecards
Knowing some rules of etiquette is always important when you are choosing one of these deliveries. When someone has passed away, you should generally opt for the more traditional method of sympathy message unless otherwise requested. At a time of great mourning, opting for something that is seen as casual is not the best idea. Furthermore, you may want to reconsider this type of note when you want to thank someone for a gift. Many people prefer a traditional route as opposed to an online one when they are being thanked for a present.

Who Loves These Deliveries ecard1
The decision as to whether or not you want to go traditional with a greeting depends upon the recipient. For example, if your mom has trouble turning on the computer, then she’s probably not the best candidate to receive this love on her anniversary. On the other hand, if your husband is always thrilled to have the newest technology on the market, then you might want to deliver this special token of love to him on his birthday. Take home message: Consider how computer-savvy the recipient is before choosing this method of delivery.

The Environment
When you have a sister or brother who loves to help the environment, you can convince him or her to try out this method of messaging too. When you opt for an old-fashioned anniversary note for your husband, you have to use up paper. Consider the envelope too, and then think about how many other people are buying these for their wife, mom or other loved one. Then, you will realize that millions of paper cards really add up and can have a significant impact on the environment. Instead of wasting paper, take to the internet and some love can be sent to your relative or friend and to the environment.

The Need for a “Tangible” Gift
Some people worry about these types of notes because they want to deliver something tangible to their family members and friends. You can choose this type of note, but then you can provide something fun through the mail. For example, coupled with flowers delivered to the house, the online note is an excellent idea. You can still use the latest technology and provide your loved one with something that he or she can hold. Whether you’re offering this gift to your dad or to your best friend, the recipient will love the thought.

ecard2Simply Fun
Heading to the store and picking up a bouquet of flowers or a mass-produced note is something that plenty of people do. However, individuals usually do this when a special event like a graduation is on the calender. These situations are a bit more formal than a birthday or anniversary. But, you could go to a website right now and deliver a special note to your friend, just because. You do not need to wait until a major event comes around to use an ecard, send it whenever you want!