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Review of 5 Virtual Card Companies

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Digital greeting cards can be a great way of sending a special message to someone far away. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or to say congratulations, they can help you make a real connection. Several companies offer a this service, but how do they stack up against one another?


Hallmark has a wide selection for every occasion. Most of the choices available in their stores are available in a digital version as well. One benefit to using Hallmark is that they are a large company and can afford to license material from other companies, so you can send a message featuring Family Guy or Peanuts characters. You have a menu with several options, including occasion, tone, and character. To send a message, you are required to register with Hallmark, but this is a simple process. Afterwards, it is a simple three-step process. In terms of privacy, Hallmarkecards.com not only saves your information, but they also share it with their marketing partners.

Punchbowl started out as a party planning service that sends save-the-date evites, and branched out into virtual greetings. They offer a smaller selection and the designs are more simplistic, but they make up for it by offering additional services. You can include a gift card from over twenty different online and physical stores. You also have the option of adding photo of yourself or the recipient. Punchbowl.com allows you to change the font of your text or of their prewritten message. About half of Punchbowl.com’s choices are free and can be sent without registering. To access the other half, you’ll have to become a member. The company only collects the information of the recipient. If you are a member, they will use and share your information. They do retain the name and e-mail address of your recipients, but they do not share it or send them additional e-mails.

Despite the name, Paperlesspost.com operates an online evite service as well as a traditional invitation service. This is what they are best known for, but they also have a large selection, both paper and virtual. Their free selection is not as good as many other online services. They have a much better premium section. These require the sender to purchase credits in order to send them. After registering, the process of adding your own message and finishing touches is very straightforward. All senders are required to register, and you can log in with Facebook. The website collects and shares your personal information and may send special offers. When you send evites to others, it retains the information and may use it to help them connect with other users of the site.

Smilebox.com offers a large selection of animated and highly customizable virtual greeting messages. They have many free selections with the same features as the premium ones. To access the premium section, users will need to pay an annual fee, but they offer the option of a seven-day trial. When you try to personalize your message, there is a bump in the road that may stop some users. Senders are required to download the site’s software, install it on their computer and register for an account. After doing so, they can personalize the message, and then e-mail it, post it to a Facebook page or print it. The software is not difficult to use, and you can customize your greeting with your own photos and slideshows. Smilebox.com keeps and shares membership information, but not the recipient’s information.

Someecards.com allows you to send funny, mostly sarcastic and frequently risqué messages. Their standard set cannot be personalized, but senders can include an optional message with them. Users can create their own messages by selecting a picture and entering their own text. The process is very simple, and no registration is necessary. Senders only need to make a selection, enter their information, and send it. Someecards.com collects your name, e-mail address and the e-mail address of the recipient, but it does not share this information or use it for marketing purposes.

10 Reasons Why E-Cards Are Better than Traditional Cards

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rainWhen it comes to making someone feel special, there are many ways to express your sentiments. An electronic-card or e-card is a simple way to show someone that you care. Here are some reasons why e-cards are better than the traditional card.

1. Cost
The average traditional greeting card costs around $3.50, which does not seem like much until you have 50 birthdays, thank you notes, or wedding invitations to mail. Then, add in postage and pretty soon that $3.50 becomes hundreds of dollars per year on stationary. Ecards can be sent to more people for less money and even free at some websites. No postage or shipping costs necessary.

2. Easy and Fast Delivery
Forgot to put a traditional card in the mail? Forget someone’s birthday or anniversary, but you’re suddenly reminded? Not a problem. Ecards are quick and easy solution. They can be designed and emailed immediately. The recipient doesn’t even have to know that you nearly missed sending out a heartfelt congratulations or birthday greeting. As long as recipient gets the email by the end of the day, your secret is safe.

3. Schedule Delivery
Not only can you send an ecard immediately, but you can also schedule it to be sent in advance. If you’re more of a planner, this is an excellent way to make sure that you share your anniversary or birthday messages on time every time. Never miss an important event again.

4. Customized
Some messages cannot be fully expressed by a traditional card, but with an ecard you can make each message special. Create a custom sympathy message when the words on a traditional sympathy card are not enough. Perhaps, you need to share a custom message to your loved one that only you can express. The ability to create custom messages allows you to say as much or as little as you decide.

5. Animation
Email animated messages with music and sounds to express your congratulations or thank you. An animated ecard will bring joy to person who receives it.
6. Save Time
Imagine that you have 100 guests for a wedding. Tradition dictates that invitations must be hand-written, and that can take a long time. Then, you have to think about shipping issues, such as invitations getting lost in the mail. Save time by sending online invitations to your big events. You can also save time after the wedding by sending online thank you notes.

7. Go Green
Your special messages can be delivered electronically to help you go green. The messages that you wish to share with your loved ones can be expressed as easily and effectively online as it could in a paper format. Go green and use less paper.

8. Less Clutter
Instead of mailing a lot of paper notes to your loved ones, help them live with less clutter by emailing your messages electronically. Now, they won’t have to worry about where to keep all this paper that they receive each year. They will no longer feel obligated to display the notes that you’ve sent them all over the house, and they’ll be clutter-free.

9. Save the Messages
Sentimental? Electronic messages can be saved and viewed for a long time, but without the mess and clutter. All the recipient has to do is save the link in the message, and he or she can view your message for years to come.

10. Easy
Electronic greetings are easy and anyone can do it. If you can navigate the Internet you can create thoughtful message to email to anyone. It’s so quick and easy. After a while, you’ll soon find that e-cards are not as impersonal as you may have thought. They are a quick, easy way for you to make the loved ones in your life feel special.

10 Sites With Funny Ecards

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Famous in pop culture as the cards with the old timey drawing and snappy witticism, it is nothing but the best in original humor. Send pre-made cards or create your own by choosing the drawing, adding text and changing the background color before sending. This site is perfect for anyone who speaks sarcasm fluently.

Blue Mountain
Having been around since the invention of the internet, Blue Mountain has been an ever constant present of high quality, funny cards that are suitable for an anniversary, valentine or any other occasion. Their cards are customizable and suited for every occasion.

Though still providing you with simple cards of cute messages coupled with even cuter images, JibJab is unique for it’s “cast” cards. Upload photos of the recipient’s face and then the website does the rest of the work, attaching the heads to people in a rap video or, even better, a ladies’ night and then transforming it into pure animated hilarity.

Rotten eCards
Similar to Someecards, this site employs images from the 50’s and other stock footage to offset some rather crude humor. Their most popular cards are just text with some “rotten” language on a plain background. If the card is good enough, you can even set it as a mobile background for future laughs.

American Greetings
One of the meccas of physical cards, American Greetings continues to push the envelope with their selection of virtual cards. Some cards are songs that are customizable and feature everything from pirate dogs drinking on a boat to bald eagles in toupees.

This site breaks down the unspoken rule that ecard sites must be, well, cards. Instead,they defy convention by only using videos as a way to share messages with workplace coworkers that spam your message box with videos. The best (in our opinion) is a happy card of a bowl of bunnies munching on some food.

Hallmark eCards
No to be outdone by American Greetings, Hallmark employs video messages that can be as simple as an animated comic to celebrate a birthday or as complex as a spliced film. No matter the occasion, their cards are sure to put a smile on your face.

As old as Blue Mountain, 123greetings has dropped conventional cards in favor of happy video songs. While their selection is vast and all encompassing, the best part is just how many different animals they use to sing birthday songs. If you do send one, make sure the recipient knows to turn their phone down as a mobile rendition of the already poor quality sound would garner a lot of unwanted attention.

Super Laugh
As all flash-based animations, this ecard site is great for those wanting to send cards in the fashion of internet users in the early 90’s. Complete with a dancing, singing baby and smiling, toothed pig, the age of the site is funny all on its own and is sure to be a hit at the workplace.

This is the site with the absolute largest selection of topics for funny cards. They are unlike any other in that most of them are interactive and require the user to perform a simple click task, be it dropping one ton on an annoying bird or accepting a dog’s hershey kiss that will leave you unsure of whether to smile or barf.