3 Software Programs For Ecard Design

ecardPersonal mailing postcards are a thing of the past. In today’s society, almost everything can be done online, and that goes for postcard-like mailings as well. These new types of cards are called Ecards, and one can design and personalize these cards for just about any occasion, including a graduation or a wedding. Below are three of the most popular software programs that deal in ecard designs.

1. Personal eCards – This is one of the more popular free ecard software programs currently available. It has a lot of features, but it doesn’t have as much as other paid programs. It comes with a snappy interface. It is easy to share, and it has good looking default templates. However, it offers less customization that a variety of other paid for programs, but it does make sending a personalized card to someone easier either by email or even on a popular social media network for all your friends to see at once.

2. Ecard Magic – This software program was developed by Focussoft, one of the leading program software provides in the market. This program has a variety of backgrounds and formats that can be chosen from, but they also add animated images in order to make their product more fun. You can actually make cards designed for a wedding, a graduation, or even just a common greeting between friends and family.

You can personalize your card with this program by uploading a photo of you or your family for for intimate occasions. You can create different moods with your cards by changing the color or by adding a unique touch. This software program even has a batching feature. Basically, this allows you to send the same card to a variety of different people. It makes sending out invitations and holiday greetings extremely easy and convenient, because they no longer have to be done by hand with all the hassles of dealing with the traditional mail system.

3. Ecard Wizard – This software program is designed to work on the Windows operating systems 98, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7. It comes with a variety of custom templates, and you can actually choose from a variety of formats and backgrounds. You can make your own design, change the color of text, and even add your own greeting to personalize it specifically for the one you are sending it to. For some occasions, you can actually find animated images to bring life to your card, which is not possible when sending a normal card through traditional mail.

Although this product is a purchase product, meaning you have to buy it, the developers have added a free trial version with limited capabilities in order to allow you to test out the product prior to purchasing it. Golden Goose Media, the developers of this program, have even made it more convenient by making a mobile app for android phones. This means that you can make your cards on the phone from the convenience of your phone as well.

10 Sites With Funny Ecards

Famous in pop culture as the cards with the old timey drawing and snappy witticism, it is nothing but the best in original humor. Send pre-made cards or create your own by choosing the drawing, adding text and changing the background color before sending. This site is perfect for anyone who speaks sarcasm fluently.

Blue Mountain
Having been around since the invention of the internet, Blue Mountain has been an ever constant present of high quality, funny cards that are suitable for an anniversary, valentine or any other occasion. Their cards are customizable and suited for every occasion.

Though still providing you with simple cards of cute messages coupled with even cuter images, JibJab is unique for it’s “cast” cards. Upload photos of the recipient’s face and then the website does the rest of the work, attaching the heads to people in a rap video or, even better, a ladies’ night and then transforming it into pure animated hilarity.

Rotten eCards
Similar to Someecards, this site employs images from the 50’s and other stock footage to offset some rather crude humor. Their most popular cards are just text with some “rotten” language on a plain background. If the card is good enough, you can even set it as a mobile background for future laughs.

American Greetings
One of the meccas of physical cards, American Greetings continues to push the envelope with their selection of virtual cards. Some cards are songs that are customizable and feature everything from pirate dogs drinking on a boat to bald eagles in toupees.

This site breaks down the unspoken rule that ecard sites must be, well, cards. Instead,they defy convention by only using videos as a way to share messages with workplace coworkers that spam your message box with videos. The best (in our opinion) is a happy card of a bowl of bunnies munching on some food.

Hallmark eCards
No to be outdone by American Greetings, Hallmark employs video messages that can be as simple as an animated comic to celebrate a birthday or as complex as a spliced film. No matter the occasion, their cards are sure to put a smile on your face.

As old as Blue Mountain, 123greetings has dropped conventional cards in favor of happy video songs. While their selection is vast and all encompassing, the best part is just how many different animals they use to sing birthday songs. If you do send one, make sure the recipient knows to turn their phone down as a mobile rendition of the already poor quality sound would garner a lot of unwanted attention.

Super Laugh
As all flash-based animations, this ecard site is great for those wanting to send cards in the fashion of internet users in the early 90’s. Complete with a dancing, singing baby and smiling, toothed pig, the age of the site is funny all on its own and is sure to be a hit at the workplace.

This is the site with the absolute largest selection of topics for funny cards. They are unlike any other in that most of them are interactive and require the user to perform a simple click task, be it dropping one ton on an annoying bird or accepting a dog’s hershey kiss that will leave you unsure of whether to smile or barf.